Our mission against tinnitus and sleep disorders

Sufficient sleep is an elixir of life, which gives us and our body the energy to make the best out of every day. But why do we focus on doing more sports and eating healthier food all the time? When our sleep is at least as important. We have already asked ourselves this question in our studies. We have therefore made it our mission to help people suffering from tinnitus and other sleep disorders to fall asleep more easily and to provide a more restful sleep with our Tinus One pillow.

Jaqueline Schaupp

Jaqui converts her experience as a coach in the e-commerce sector into such convincing marketing that anyone who has not yet heard of Tinus One is annoyed not to have one.

SIMON Greschl

As our TechBrain, Simon creates the intersection between sound – comfort – isolation at the intersection of product development – music – medicine. We call it Tinus One.



Sunny is as the name already suggests a real sunshine, which conquers each heart in the storm and took thereby undisputedly the post of the Chief Happiness Manager in the team.