Tinus One is an innovative sleep aid for people who suffer from annoying ear noises, tinnitus or sleep disorders. Tinus One is made of ergonomic memory foam and uses patent-pending technology to transmit music, sounds, or frequencies specifically tuned to your ear noise. The special feature is the unique transmission of the sounds, which makes it possible that only you perceive them and your partner remains completely unaffected. The sounds are transmitted by contact, which enables you to perceive the music in a completely new and more intensive way. For the sound experience there does not have to be any contact between the ear and the pillow, you can choose your sleeping position as you wish. Our specially designed sound body ensures a pleasant sleep, which provides you with a particularly high level of comfort!



Why music or sounds for tinnitus?

The German Center for Music Therapy Research has found that the areas of the brain involved in processing music are almost identical to those involved in tinnitus. Tinnitus sufferers can learn to direct their perception specifically to the music or sounds in order to perceive the tinnitus as less present. Tinnitus is demonstrably perceived as more intense when the sufferer concentrates fully on it.

This is exactly where we start with Tinus One and would like to help you find your way to sleep in the most comfortable way.

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How does Tinus work?

The Tinus sleep aid takes advantage of various physical and anatomical phenomena. First, Tinus’ technology mimics the way the cochlea functions. On the other hand, Tinus uses bone sound, which allows the transmission of sounds with the help of micro-vibrations to create a more intense sound experience.

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